When it comes to any cosmetic procedure, such as non-invasive procedures like Botox in Burtonsville, MD, doing research and finding the best doctor to perform the treatment is important. A certified practitioner will ensure your safety and the results you desire.

Why It Is So Important To Find A Licensed Professional

Botox is generally used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging. In the hands of a professional, Botox is effective and safe. However, these days, there are more unqualified providers who perform injections. As the technique and treatment patterns have also evolved to achieve more of a natural look, these procedures have become more dangerous in the hands of poor practitioners.

An experienced injector will examine your facial anatomy, discuss your aesthetic goal, look into your medical history and determine the best treatment options for you, while an inexperienced surgeon might rush the procedure.

Look At Patient Reviews And Before/After Photos

Some good sources you can look up for reviews and testimonials are Yelp, Google Reviews, or on the provider’s website. It’s not a good sign if there are barely any before and after photos available. Oftentimes, professionals like to promote their work to demonstrate their expertise and patient satisfaction. If there are little-to-no before and after photos for injections or testimonials, the provider might not have a lot of experience or good results.

Make Sure It’s A Professional Environment

It’s important that the medical professional you go to has a board-certified, medical doctor on site or is directed by a medical doctor. That way, in case of emergency, you will be able to receive treatment and will be directed to a safe place. If your procedure is done in a place that doesn’t have hospital privileges or a medical doctor, that should alert you to the fact that the practitioner might not be board-certified or licensed to perform your procedure. 

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