The popularity of laser hair removal (LHR) is surging, and for good reason. LHR replaces painful waxing and the archaic process of shaving with a longer lasting alternative. For ages, LHR was reserved for people with fair skin.

Recent technology has now made it possible for men and women of all skin tones to relish the feeling of long-lasting smooth skin. Here’s what you should know about laser hair removal for black skin types.

The Lowdown on Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin Types

LHR uses a light emitted from a laser. The pigment in your hair absorbs the light which damages the hair follicle and stunts hair growth. Previously, laser hair removal for darker skin resulted in an increased risk of damaging the skin, due to the similar pigmentation of skin and hair. Thanks to brilliant minds and recent technology, that has changed. 

The Game Changer for Dark Skin

There is a wide array of different types of lasers and all have different frequencies. In a traditional LHR treatment, the high-powered laser is beamed at each hair follicle.

With the Alma SHR device, instead of a single beam at high power, the device repeatedly beams at lower power and in a sweeping motion. This has the same effect of damaging the follicle but leaves the skin unharmed. Better yet, it’s cooling device makes the treatment relatively painless. 

But There’s a Catch

LHR is performed with a handheld device. If the practitioner holding the device doesn’t measure up, you could end up with less than stellar results. When you’re looking for a laser hair clinic, it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask about their experience with laser hair removal for black skin types. 

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