A consult with a skilled injector is the first step to lip filler success.

During your same-day lip filler consultation in North Laurel, quite a bit of information will be exchanged! Here’s what you can expect during this visit. 

What Questions Will My Injector Ask Before Getting Lip Filler?

In order to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed with treatment, you’ll be asked questions about your medical history including health conditions and current medications. They’ll also need to know your aesthetic goals to create a treatment plan. 

You’ll be provided with lip filler options. The most frequently used brands for lip augmentation are Belotero and Juvéderm. You’ll also be given information regarding how to prepare for treatment, what to expect during injections, aftercare, risks, and side effects. 

Are There Questions I Should Ask Before Getting Lip Filler?

During your same-day lip filler consultation in North Laurel, you’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions. Use the list below to get started, and of course, add to it if you think of more:

  • Is lip filler right for me?
  • What type of filler do you recommend for my needs?
  • How much will my injections cost?
  • Do you offer financing or payment plans?
  • Can you tell me your qualifications and how much experience you’ve had with lip filler?
  • Can you show me before / after photos of your patients who have had lip filler?
  • What is recovery like?
  • When will I see the final outcome?
  • How long does lip filler last?
  • Will I need a follow-up appointment?

Your Same-Day Lip Filler Consultation in North Laurel Is Just a Phone Call Away!

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional personalized care. We look forward to meeting you and answering all of your questions. Contact us at 410-730-1100 to request your appointment today!