What Is the Real Deal on Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost? 

The fact is that the cost of your laser hair removal for the whole body is going to vary. The fee for laser hair removal (LHR) depends upon many factors, so it’s impossible to pinpoint a price and you will only be able to find a range of prices online.

While the average cost of full body laser hair removal is $2,500 to $3,000, this can be lower or higher depending on where you go. Here are some factors that can make the price change

One Factor in Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost Is the Geographic Area You Live In

Prices can change from one state to the next, and especially from city to city. You can expect to pay more in bigger cities where the demand and the cost of goods are higher.

Another Factor Is the Clinic You Choose

The price can vary from clinic to clinic within the same area, as the knowledge and expertise of the laser technician can affect pricing.

Other things that factor into price discrepancies amongst local clinics include the type of laser they use and efficacy of that laser, size of the practice, and promotional specials they offer.

The Amount of Body Hair You Have and How Many Sessions You Need Can Drive Up Cost as Well

If you have a more than average amount of body hair, you will likely require more treatment sessions. More treatments mean a higher cost.

You may also be able to drastically reduce your cost by only doing certain areas. Laser hair removal costs for individual areas may be a more affordable option, as not everyone needs full body hair removal anyway.

The Bottom Line: It’s Impossible to Determine Your Individual Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost Without a Professional Consultation

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