Believe it or not, many people are intimidated by chemical peels. Something about the words chemical and peel seems a bit scary.

The truth is, the best chemical peels in Columbia, MD are completely safe and provide many astounding benefits when done by a licensed professional.

Here’s what you need to know for a safe experience!

Chemical Peels 101: Here’s How They Work and the Types Available

Essentially, chemical peels use differing strengths of various acids to create a controlled injury to your skin. While the word injury might be alarming, in this case, it’s what is needed for the skin to heal itself. It is during the healing process that significant improvements to your skin happen. 

Peels vary in both depth and ingredients, and there are three main types.

  • Light / superficial peel: Used to treat only the outer layers of skin, a light chemical peel uses mild acids like alpha-hydroxy acid. 
  • Medium peel: Going a little below the skin’s surface, a medium peel uses trichloroacetic or glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth. 
  • Deep peel: Requiring sedation and a brief recovery period, a deep peel often uses phenol or trichloroacetic acid to get down to the deeper layers of your skin. 

Your provider will evaluate your skin as well as your goals to determine which chemical peel is right for you. 

What Are the Proven Benefits of Chemical Peels? What About Side Effects?

Truthfully, there is a chemical peel for every common skin concern. Acne, scarring, discoloration, enlarged pores, and skin tone or texture concerns can all be addressed with chemical peels. This procedure can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also providing a subtle yet noticeable lift to your appearance, depending on the strength of the peel. 

As with any skin rejuvenation treatment, some side effects are to be expected. It’s normal to experience tingling, redness, scabbing, and swelling after chemical peels. These are temporary and go away on their own, usually within a week. 

How Long Does It Take to See Chemical Peel Results, and How Long Do They Last?

The results of the best chemical peels in Columbia, MD do not appear overnight. Your skin is transforming, and that takes a little time. It can be two weeks before you see new, healthy skin. However, you might notice some discoloration for up to a month after treatment.  

The longevity of your results depends on the type of chemical peel you have.

  • Light chemical peels produce results for one to two months.
  • The results from medium peels can be enjoyed for two to six months.
  • Deep peels yield results that can last a decade or longer. 

Does Everyone Qualify for Chemical Peels?

While chemical peels are considered safe, this is not a treatment for everyone. They are not recommended for patients who are pregnant or nursing. People who have a history of abnormal skin scarring might need to avoid chemical peels as well. 

It’s important you schedule a consultation with a qualified provider before treatment, as you need a medical evaluation to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed. 

During your consultation, you’ll also have a chance to discuss your goals and expectations. If you have questions about the procedure, this is a great time to ask. 

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