PRP for Hair Restoration

PRP for Hair Restoration in Columbia

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair restoration is a fascinating new procedure that harnesses the body’s own healing properties to help regrow your own natural hair!

This innovative method that extracts the PRP from your own blood can address a wide range of hair loss conditions, such as male / female pattern baldness.

Why Choose PRP for Hair Restoration?

This method does not involve surgery or synthetic chemicals, reducing the risk of adverse reactions. Plus, it’s relatively quick and doesn’t require downtime, so you can promptly return to your normal schedule after your appointment.

By stimulating hair follicles and promoting thicker, healthier hair growth, PRP offers a long-lasting solution to hair loss that can improve your appearance and restore your self-confidence!

What Does PRP for Hair Restoration Feel Like?

Patients may feel some discomfort during injections, but a local anesthetic is often used to minimize any pain or discomfort. It’s a well-tolerated procedure, and patients say the brief and manageable discomfort is worth it for the amazing results.

When Will I See Results From PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Some patients notice some improvements in hair growth after just a few weeks, while others see changes after a few months. Be patient, as it can take up to six months or longer to see an improvement in thickness, texture, and healthy hair growth after PRP injections.

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP for Hair Restoration?

Candidacy depends on factors such as the cause and extent of hair loss, your overall health, and other personal factors. To determine whether PRP hair loss treatment is the right choice for you, consult with a qualified provider.

Where Is the Best Place to Go for Amazing Results From PRP for Hair Restoration in Columbia?

Aesthetic Center of Columbia in Columbia is Maryland’s top choice for outstanding results from cosmetic services. Call us today at 410-730-1100 to learn more about the innovative services we offer, our current promotions, and whether you’re an ideal candidate for PRP hair restoration!