Plump lips are one of the biggest signifiers of youth. If you feel like your lips are not as plump and youthful as you would like, dermal fillers for lips may be a great option for you.

Here are several reasons that you should contact a good lip filler specialist in Columbia, Maryland for cosmetic injections today.

  • Lip Fillers Are a Very Easy Procedure

This procedure takes only a few minutes to produce long-lasting results. Lip fillers can last for years, and touch-up treatments are simple. The process is relatively painless, though you may request a topical anesthetic if you want.

  • You’ve Got Options

There are a number of types of fillers that are FDA approved for lips, including Juvéderm and Restylane, both of which are hyaluronic acid-based and long lasting. You may choose one over the other based on the exact look you desire. 

  • No Downtime Is Required After Injections

This procedure is great because it does not require downtime. After treatment, you can get up and go about your day. On occasion, some bruising or swelling may occur, but this should subside quickly. Minimize your risk of bruising by avoiding alcohol and blood thinners before and after treatment. 

  • An Experienced Specialist Makes all the Difference

The biggest reason you should specifically look for a lip filler specialist in Columbia, Maryland is that they understand how to treat different lip shapes and types of fillers. They can recommend what would work best for your face and your aesthetic goals.

Get the Lips of Your Dreams With the Best Lip Filler Specialist in Columbia, Maryland

Come to the Aesthetic Center of Columbia, and kiss your old lips goodbye. The top filler injector in Columbia is here to help you easily achieve the lips you want.

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