To most people, Botox seems like a dream come true. After all, nobody would deny the chance to freeze their wrinkles and appear younger.

But sometimes Botox has side effects, and some of them can get in the way of your daily routines. Here’s what you need to know about dealing with the effects of drowsiness that Botox can cause.

Wait At Least 24 Hours Before You Exercise

Botox is an injectable cosmetic drug that stops muscles from contracting. This is what helps your wrinkles look less severe. If you don’t want to spread the toxin to other parts of your body, then any strenuous activity is out of the question.

This could reduce its effectiveness where you received Botox, could increase your risk of bruising, and could worsen any fatigue you might be feeling. Instead, exercise your facial muscles, making sure not to massage any injection sites. Depending on what your injector says, they may recommend waiting a few days before you can resume exercising. 

Don’t Lay Down For The First Four Hours Post Procedure

You might be sore and a little fatigued after having Botox injected, but you should avoid laying down for the first four hours after the procedure. Both bending and laying down could spread the toxin and lead to bruising at the injection site. You can relax, but to be cautious, avoid your bed as the urge to lay down could be tempting. Once the four hours are up, you can lay down (make sure it’s on your back if you had injections put in your face) and relax in any position you want.

Don’t Sleep On Your Injection Sites For One Night

If you’ve had Botox injected into your face, it’s important to sleep on your back for one night. Sleeping on your back is important because the Botox injections need time to settle into your muscles. Laying on your face could prevent the injections from settling in and lead to you having less than perfect results. Of course, you should avoid adding pressure onto any area where you might have had Botox.

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