Whether you just got your Botox injections, or you’re doing research beforehand, everyone wants to know what they can and cannot do after getting Botox injections.

After all, nobody wants to risk the money that you’ve just invested in your face. For those with partners, or those just looking to have fun, one more important thing you might be wondering is whether or not you can have sex after Botox. 

Can I Have Sex? 

The fact of the matter is that you cannot. If you went over your do’s and don’ts with your injector, then you should know that you are supposed to abstain from any and all sex for at least 24 hours after your procedure.

To those with an active and frequent sex life that might sound like a lot. But if you want your results to last then the simple answer is no. Technically speaking, no strenuous activity is allowed after injections. Rest is an important part of post-procedure care!

What Else Can I Not Do?

After your injections, you have to rest. This, of course, means no sexual activity. But it also means no physical or aerobic activities for 24 hours, as any increased blood flow to the face may alter the effects of Botox. No light jogging, no squatting, and no weight–lifting!

Even the mildest forms of exertion can impact your results. Additionally, you should remain upright for four to five hours immediately following their procedure, as lying down could also alter the effects and undo your results. You should also avoid touching your face in any way, shape, or form!

This could result in spreading the injection to places where you do not want Botox and could undo the hard work you paid for. Don’t forget to hydrate and stick to a light skincare routine!

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