How to Make Sure You Get the Best Chemical Peels in Columbia, Maryland: 4 Helpful Tips

The idea of a chemical peel can be a bit intimidating if it’s your first time. There is no need to stress though!

Knowing how the best chemical peels in Columbia, Maryland work and what you can do to get the most from them should ease your mind. 

Chemical Peel 101: How They Work

This technique does exactly what you think it will do – it peels away unhealthy skin to make way for new, healthy skin. Think of it as a medical-grade exfoliation. 

It’s a controlled method that uses a solution to peel away the top layer of skin (epidermis) and in some cases, it can go deeper to the dermis (layers below the epidermis). 

The type of peel you get will depend on your skin’s needs and your aesthetic goals. So, how do you get the best chemical peels in Columbia, Maryland? Let’s look at some tips!

  • Choose an Experienced Provider

This is key is making sure you have the best possible results. Make sure the provider you choose is experienced and skilled with chemical peels. Look for reviews and ask to see before / after photos of their actual results. 

  • Follow All Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions

If you’ve scheduled a chemical peel, your provider should give you a list of instructions on how to prep your skin before your appointment. You will also receive instructions on how to care for your skin after and should follow all instructions to a T.

  • Schedule a Series of Treatments

Expect to have more than one chemical peel to achieve your desired results. It may take four to six peels to reach your expected aesthetic.

  • Go to Your Follow-Up Appointments

Your provider may wish to see you after a chemical peel. These appointments are important to check your skin’s progress and to ensure you’re healing as you should. 

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