3 Tips to for the Best Botox in Columbia, Maryland Results

Let’s face it – you’re not getting Botox for your health. You’re doing it because you want to regain that youthful glow that seems to be diminishing as you age.

So, after Botox cosmetic injections, you want to be sure that your results look fantastic and last as long as possible. To help ensure you get the best Botox in Columbia, Maryland and experience optimal results, follow these three tips.

Reduce Your Stress to Make Botox Results Last Longer

Stress can not only promote swelling and bruising after Botox injections, but it can also cause Botox to break down or metabolize faster in your body, meaning your results won’t last as long.

This is due to elevated cortisol levels when you’re stressed, which thins your skin. You can help manage stress through daily exercise, yoga, meditation, and consuming a healthy diet.

Maintain a Great Skincare Routine

This includes sunscreen. Protect your face from the sun at all times. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when you will be outside, and be sure to use skincare products that contain SPF.

When it comes to your skincare products, be sure to use a good moisturizer. Also, use products that contain skin-nourishing ingredients that help fight the aging process, such as vitamins A and C, collagen, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and Co-Q10.

For the Best Botox in Columbia, Maryland, Choose the Best Injectors

Book a consultation with Aesthetic Center of Maryland to get to know our providers. We are experienced and skilled in Botox and have helped many people achieve a more youthful appearance with cosmetic injections.

When you come in for Botox, be sure to book follow-up treatments within six months to help you maintain your results.

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